30 December 2005

Watch over Manly

Manly CBD has now 21 new closed-circuit television cameras in strategic positions. This additional surveillance has the stated aim to prevent personal violence. Mnly is concerned that the sparsity of the technological eyes might not guarantee safety and the enforcement of the existing law. An area-wide coverage, at least 1 per 50 people (as in London) could ensure a civil society. Only ubiquitous coverage would have a chance of executing the law in 2006. There would be no more:

Reckless speeding, illegal parking or emptying stinking bombs out
Petrol spewing auto-mobiles on car-free zones
Smoking on beaches and smoke-free zones
Emptying of dogs on the beaches, promenade and national parks
Mauling of protected wildlife (penguins, bandicoots, possums etc)
Illegal (spear) fishing in the marine reserve
Butchering of nice old trees
Dumping of (fast-food) garbage all over the beach
Jet-skies and other motorised petrol crafts endangering swimmers and divers
Open fires at Shelley Beach and the National Park
Hummers with protruding metal spikes
Chucking toxic substances down the common drains
Wasting water (illegally) washing cars, cement etc.
All you residents and visitors can participate in the emergent participatory panopticum. Grab the tools of transparency: cameraphone, wearable digital video recorder etc and take part in the 'sousveillance' from below. Moblog or vlog it. Become a witness and ensure that local government does enforce the law and guarantee the absence of violence. Send your witness accounts to Manly council to keep it a 'clean, safe and unique natural environment'.

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