25 February 2009

Manly Beach Drift "wood" - February

A monthly summary of what has washed onto the shore or beach through the winds, tides, waves or human action. Marine debris, flora and fauna, dead or alive:

A lot of bluebottles. On the beach, many had small shiny fish entrapped in their tentacles. Some were in the water, leaving large streaks/marks on some people's skin. Thick kelp on the North Steyne end. Crested Terns diving, 2 Pelicans soaring above. A dead bird. Various dead fish.

Junkspace: Approx. 10 'dead' balloons with long gift wrapping strings, ready to entangle. Freed up into the environment by 'fun'- loving people. 250209

As most early mornings or late evenings, dog owners defy the law and encourge free range activities of their dogs on the beach. Today, one large hunting dog (many seagull feathers?) and a hand-bag sized rat-like thing called dog were on the beach.
Beer bottles, whole or as generously smashed glass were left on the sand. The number of smokers seems to have increased, butts and toxic fumes are hard to evade on this "smoke free beach". Car fumes and rancid cooking oils drifting right up to the 'surf'. Crested Terns are still there, so it is not yet getting cold. 270209 (Image "Dog harasses Little Penguin" by local children, expressing their desire for the existence of wildlife in their life-time, Manly Library exhibition)

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