25 October 2011

16 September 2011

17 June 2011

Fossil Fuel Beach Rake and Beach Vegetation

Fossil fuel machinery ensuring no beach stabilising vegetation takes hold of the eroding beach. The tractor-drawn beach rake destroys the endemic flora/habitat, but leaves most of the plastic and cement rubble behind. A tidy event space!Carpobrotus glaucescens, (Pigface)
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Anxious settlers awaiting tool supplies brought in by ships from the motherland 0611

08 June 2011

World Oceans Day at Manly Beach

Fossil fuel footprint on Manly Beach. More CO2 vessels on the horizon, large polluting ships going for the harbour
Plastic debris left by careless people to kill marine life

31 May 2011

Sooty Oystercatcher

A rare visit from a Sooty Oystercatcher at Shelly Beach headland Off leash dog got rid of shorebird. 31052011

Four Sooty Oystercatchers foraging at Manly Beach today http://tinyurl.com/3ne9de2 birds shorebirds habitat Haematopus No-Take zones Rain wild, rising ocean 01062011

11 May 2011

Long-nosed Bandicoots of North Head Manly

2010 8 killed, May 2011 7 known bandicoots killed
Vehicles rush in 'to get a view' on North Head 'Scenic Drive'. They park for free or take their dogs for walks. Pet rabbits are also being 'freed' and mingle with the giant rabbit population denuding the National Park. Free range pets, motor vehicles and urban intensification contribute to the declining populations of this endangered species.

08 January 2011

Ban Fishing on Crowded Urban Beaches - Marine Reserves

Each year there are fewer Crested Terns visiting Manly Beach.

More and more fishermen line up along the urban beach. Booze-free zone. Stinking garbage, dead fish, dangerous hooks and plastic junk are left behind.
A Crested Tern mother had a chick which she hid amongst the Seagulls. Returning from her feeding trip, she was in distress, trying unsuccessfully to regurgitate - a fishing hook and nylon string. Various phone calls were made to volunteer organisations with long waiting loops. Had it been a precious dog, there would have been a swift service. It is unknown if the dependent chick or the mother survived. But then it's all about beach as a tidy and profitable playground for humans. Wildlife, especially shorebirds, are not granted a habitat.

More birds killed by fishing hooks and fishing lines at Manly Beach

Ban fishing on urban beaches. Make Manly beach and the Northern beaches a marine park.