01 February 2006

Gone bush...

For some time in the NSW hinterland. Where cicadas and frogs battle out the weather, Koalas grunt and Possums scream through the night. Multimedia of the sparkling, clear sky. The day is bird paradise. Life on the verandah beyond the net.
In town one lives off petrol, bulging plastic bags full of beef, beer & tobacco. The 'country' is mined for what ever is remaining. Hummers and other armoured vehicles make access to the last platypus hole easy. The mushed up land and waterways are reminiscent of a battle field.
Ideas of RFID tagging the last forest giants, creating GPS maps of rainforest ecotops, networking, a database for 'Life', an URL for habitats? Giving the 'stuff out there in the bush' a digital identity. Public accessiblity and collaborative care.