27 September 2009

Dust Storms, Turbulent Climate and Survival

While the life-supporting fabric of planet Earth is being undone, a turbulent 21 century is rushing towards us. Self-inflicted 'intertwined global-scale challenges' are unleashed leading to uncertainty. Climate disruption, decimation of biodiversity and rapid depletion of materials and energy are some the achievements of the anthropocene. The overheated Earth is being pulverised in the human stampede. Human-generated aerosols, sediments from parched river beds, mining and anthropogenic (toxic) junk space combine into 'dust'. Vigorous storms distribute the ambient particulate matter into their breathing organs which did not evolve to be vacuum cleaners. They choke.

Dense orange pollution cloaked south eastern Australia. "But despite this obvious sensory input, people... seemed to be essentially oblivious to the poor air quality and went about" business as usual. First things, first: The oversized suvs had to be freed from particles with a lot of water. Simply "defending national ideals". As "the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter per capita" there has to be some pride in standards. "Sleepwalking into an environmental disaster" is not on for the sporty nation - driving, or racing with the aid of 3629 kg might be.

But now you can ensure the survival of your family. Just like your suv, this is "a self-contained living system a gated community for one". Whatever the disaster will be, "at least you can weather all (dust) storms". Buy now SurvivaBall Model X7

Video via survivaball, You Tube Channel