04 January 2006

Turn on the motors while Australia burns

As the temperature reached 44.2C in Sydney, experts claim that the heat-wave cannot be linked to global warming: "Just one of those sorts of things we have".

The CSIRO expects it to become the norm:"… We can expect a doubling or trebling of the number of scorchers in the next 30 to 40 years"

Meanwhile "Australia's green think tank… has accused the Federal Government of fiddling on climate change while Australia burns." "The Government's own estimates show that Australia's greenhouse gas emissions will increase by around 45 per cent in the two decades to 2010 and will actually accelerate thereafter".

The World Meteorological Organisation claims, that "This year is currently the second warmest and likely to be among the warmest four years in the temperature record since 1861."

As the Inuit file a legal petition against the US government for it's emission of greenhouse gases, the insurance industry views the world's changing climate as uninsurable.

In Manly for example the reaction is to overcome the effects of The Great Warming by turning their dwellings and auto-mobiles into fridges. Giant noisy compressor motors buzz away (illegally) 24/7 in the hood, attempting to turn entire un-insulated houses into freezer-bunkers. Cars, especially 4WDs, are usually left running. The creation of this kW- intensive artificial habitat is unsustainable und socially irresponsible.
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