05 January 2006

Manly round-up

Despite the total fire ban in NSW large open flames went up at Shelley Beach Headland on the 030106 very close to the bush at around 8 pm. Simultaneously two (regular) fire twirling 'derwishes' lit up their metho sticks at Shelley Beach and threw their fire sticks about. Only when the fire-engine sound was right at Shelley Beach were all fires magically put out. Obviously they all had a clear understanding of what the meaning of 'total fire ban' is.

Good news is that Manly watch has caught on: As two (illiterate?) guys with numerous fishing-rods and gear walked the rocks looking for an appropriate spot of Manly Point Marine Reserve a local went up and informed them of the $ 22,000 fine that might be enforced one day.

The Pacific Thai looks bright and airy after the renovations. There is only one kneeling table left, dare to curl up, the view is worth it. The vegetarian food is fresh and plentiful. The staff are very polite and speedy. Anything else but musak would lift the atmosphere enormously.

Ground Zero still has the best cup, but it has to be knocked off the sticky table. More cleaning please!

The latest trend is to use leaf blowers in the rain to push the mush over to the neighbour or at least the public space.With this vibrating 'tornado' in hand, spewing petrol the last chance of silence is robbed.

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