16 January 2006

Suburbs draining toxins into Manly beach & lagoon

Suburbs drain toxins and faeces to Manly beach and Manly lagoon as a way of disposing of these unwanted substances cheaply. Removal of collective effluent (anti product), also known as 'stormwater' can take place by labour - 'sweeping' - or 'God-sent rain' to 'flush it down' for free as a handy 'solution'. The ever increasing amounts are turning waterways into a cheap mode of transport and beaches into toxic deposits costing the Earth. Authorities are searching for cost-effective ways ("more bang for our buck...") to attempt to collect it via different means ('sweeping', blowing, traps and diversions). The production of this toxic cocktail draining from the subs is not in question and is 'regulated' via 'recommendations' and a culture of 'tidyness'.
Perpetually-running cars, petrol-powered equipment blowing, chipping etc, giving the motor boat a good blow out, washing the motor form the inside (on a water restriction day of course) are all common everyday practices. Blowing (via petrol) all unwanted dog faeces and other garbage, away from one's property into the public gutter belongs to the tidy mind-set. Chemicals galore, from pesticides, herbicides, paints, foamy carwash and oil are freely liberated into the public drain. All the everyday actions of the everyday people are then drained into the non 'my space'. Maybe the council will 'suck it up' or the rain will transport it with ease away, away…

Next day down at Manly beach or the lagoon for some of that iconic free nature, only trouble is, it contains the invisible collective anti-product that is very toxic.

"The lagoon has a reputation of being one of the most polluted waterways on Australia's eastern seaboard...Such is the level of contamination in stormwater that the NSW Environmental Protection Agency also recommends no human contact with surface waters at Manly Beach and Sydney Harbour for 24 and 72 hours respectively, after rainfall."

"Mr Galloway found that concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, copper, lead and zinc in Manly's stormwater exceed ANZECC guidelines for pollutant concentrations in waterways by between two and 168 times."

The environmental science study has found "…that high levels of sediment, nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) and heavy metals (copper, lead and zinc) are being swept down gutters and deposited into Manly Lagoon and local waterways."
Image: Manly Beach mix
Lawns & pesticides

American Chemical Society (2009, August 21). Homes Pollute: Linked To 50 Percent More Water Pollution Than Previously Believed. 220809 via Science Daily

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