18 January 2006

Childhood leukaemia produced by toxic cocktails

"Children frequently exposed to household insecticides used on plants, lawns and in head-lice shampoos appear to run double the risk of developing childhood leukaemia. Leukemia makes up about a third of all cancers in children."
Every-day 'normal' practices in this place have the price that some young human beings have to suffer from cancer of their blood cells.
Practices, products and cocktail effects mentioned were:

Toxic insecticides around the home and garden
Shampoos for head lice, medication shampoos
Mosquito repellents ,insect sprays
Passive cigarette smoke
Garden pesticides on plants, lawns
Elsewhere hair dyes, petrochemicals, benzene were mentioned.
Look around your subs or at Manly beach and see how the production of misery (for some) takes place...

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