08 December 2005

Kyoto - or the big Australian party

Australian greenhouse gases output is rising. Both the US and Australia are the two post-industrialised nations that are too poor and also unwilling to contribute to the Kyoto Protocol and reduce carbon-based gases. The effects on the Earth and human health are available via WHO. Will it get hot!
Over the last few days in Sydney everyone could feel how these gases "…act like an invisible blanket, trapping the Sun's heat and driving up the planet's surface temperature." The reaction of Australia's 'booming population' is to rev up the air-conditioners in mostly un-insulated houses. This jolly use of electricity has been discussed before here and here. It is also a cultural convention for car/hummer drivers to mount their vehicle, switch it on and then go about arranging things, before after 20 minutes or so revving off. Long conversations with someone outside the car can only be had with the motor running. Go check in your hood & workplace for this odd behaviour. Lets not talk about the state of these automobiles or transport here.
Seems politicians here do not have a mandate to change anything in regard to greenhouse gases. What the heck!, let's sacrifice the future (generations)!
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