16 December 2005

Extinction and a world full of poodles

"Nearly three times as many endangered species are on the brink of extinction than have died out in the past 500 years…" (The Guardian) At the moment 800 species are 'on the edge' (map) if no action is taken.

No problem, we are content with a mono-culture of poodles. X-mas is the time to support the pet industry, which has doubled in the last decade. Buy that new puppy, chuck that white fluffy thing (see local papers) or the pit bull and get an 'allergy-free' puggle. The latest 'must-have accessory', a designer dog, sure to fit into that cute hand bag. "It's like mixing a Versace bag and a Coach bag together" Further accessories for Barbie-doggie could be a mobile, his/her own radio programme, Satellite tracking, jewellery (Manly market), designer clothing or a doggie magazine. Designer x-mas presents for the dog/s. If there is uncertainty about a future, consult the dog horoscope.
There should be no more worries about getting your face chewed off or kiddies mauled. Yes it still will take petrol to empty the dog in the local park or at the beach.

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