06 December 2005

Participating in maintaining Manly's landscape - ideas

The land-scape of Manly is undergoing radical and fast changes brought about by the human species, specifically in the last 200 years. For many the rate of progress/ion goes unnoticed or they are yearning for acceleration. The expansion of mono-culture over all other species and their habitat can be examined, recorded and action for a sustainable landscape (ecology) can be realised.
At the University of Vermont geologists explore this link between human action and landscape change in an interdisciplinary Landscape Change Program. Photos of the landscape are collected from regional web-based archives and individuals. The free online digital archive of the historic and current photos serves for research and educational purposes. The interactive nature allows all participants to submit images, group them into "before and after" sequences. Additionally 'smart maps' (GIS) tag the exact locations of the images. Open access to the resource makes it dynamic and sustainable.
For Manly (Sydney) this form of free access to the creation and distribution of cultural and natural heritage could be utilised by various interest groups such as environmental action groups, historical societies, ecological surveys and education.
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The Landscape Change Program
Landscape Ecology
Manly images

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