01 December 2005

Illuminating x-mas lighting

At the moment Sydney is falling into the pre x-mas electric lighting hysteria. Individual households are illuminating the outside of their properties in a competitive arms race blowing (wattage) energy 24/7. Public organisations join the frenzy, despite their commitment to 'green obligations'. A drop-dead (bird) lighting of trees heats up the event-hype.The occasion is apparently for 'the little ones' to demonstrate to them how to go about energy efficiency and sustainable (New) Years. All effects on the climate (and their future) are forgotten in the glowing frenzy of Las Vegas flickr. If the subs have to be electrically illuminated, then at least it could glow efficiently using LED. But for a true 'silent night' the dark sky with its mega-show could be an efficient attention-zapper that is sustainable.

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