05 December 2005

Ocean Care

Went to Ocean Care a "family fun" event to "celebrate Manly's unique marine environment." Many participants sought to inform, entertain and sell that unique habitat. Never have I seen so many Ocean Cars. Packed 2 kms of family hummers parked from one end of the beach to the other.
Came away with an arm-full of pulped trees. Interaction confirmed, that aquatic or terrestial enforcement of law protecting native flora and fauna ends at 4pm. Cats & dogs enjoy full, enforced rights 24/7 with the backing of a huge industry.
Pity, the many groups are not aggregating as an interactive online network providing the possibility for virtual participation all year round.
The discovery was Martin Cullen's art works highlighting Manly's current developments, but at the same time, being timeless and standing for 'progress' as such. Nice pics! Mnly blog shares this sentiment.

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