09 December 2005

Testing pesticides on human beings

Just another word about pesticides - it is known that such nerve poisons are tested on rats, but it is not so widely known that testing pesticides on humans is growing.

Human medical experimentation was attempted using children to measure the effect of pesticides. (WIRED)

According to a German TV station report (German), Bayer had a pesticide tested on over 18 year olds via a private clinic in Scotland.

Experimentation on human beings is cost effective for corporations and allows them to raise the threshold of their substances.

Under Bush, pressure exists to 'liberate' the 'protection for subjects in human research'. The 'protection' suggests "to ban intentional dosing human testing for pesticides when the subjects are pregnant women or children…" (EPA)

This study is telling about newborns and pesticides in a non experimental environment, called reality. (A benchmark investigation of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in umbilical cord blood, 2005)

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