13 December 2005

Fishy stuff

An 11-year study found that prohibiting fishing in the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef helped fish stocks to recover. (ABC news)

Populating the coast without adequate infrastructure leads to a cocktail of sewerage & salty lagoon. Dead fish and birds in Broadwater National Park are the result. (ABC news)

Dolphins used as bait. Wish these Aboriginal sea rangers would guard Sydney's marine environment too as all sorts of stuff goes as bait here: penguins…(ABC news)

"California banned commercial fishing of abalone in 1997 because of over-fishing and the molluscs are now imported from Australia and New Zealand." A meal costs around US $ 50 - 70 in the US. (ABC science news)

"Chemicals from products that we use in our homes every day are…" turning the Arctic into a 'chemical sink'. Whales are full of PCBs and pesticides.(ABC news)

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