01 December 2005

A commerce- friendly Corso for Manly?

The Corso, Manly’s gateway from the ferry to the beach is to be radically altered by The Manly Chamber of Commerce and Manly Council. The other stakeholders were asked to comment on the changes by 24th November 2005. Details here.

  • Privatising and commercialising public space has negative impacts on residents, tourists and consumers.
  • The reduction/elimination of native flora or old trees would be a loss of value to all species, but particular to the image (branding) of Manly.
  • The facilitation of motorised traffic is a health hazard.
Update: Just last week, without consultation a row of Glossy Laurels (Cryptocarya laevigata) already disappeared. This undergrowth rainforest shrub of NSW has a shiny foliage and bright jewel like fruit. For its beauty it was grown in the 19th century glasshouses of England. Now - it is gone!, chopped! Instead there are at ankle level, small vigorous pink weeds planted, in neat rows of course that require watering via the human hand and petrol motors. Insane, ugly and unsustainable.

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