12 August 2007

The right to breathe while eating out in Manly

Despite the 'smoking ban' eating out in restaurants and other eateries in Manly still poses a health threat. Already many eateries are on high traffic areas, where fumes fill the establishment, additionally many places exclude non-smokers from their 'fresh air area' as they are lacking 'no smoking signs'. Additionally the outdoor spaces are where smokers produce their toxins which then blow into the so-called 'non-smoking area.' Both staff and customers are put at risk. The cyclopic 'blind eye' does not fine or withdraw licences. Till then consumers would have to make their own conscious-health choices.

We sampled some spaces:
Garfish has huge ashtrays in the small 'outdoor area', the smoke is permeating the place.
Ground Zero's outdoor area also has no non-smoking signs, hence all the smoke is entering the small space.
Le Kiosk comes out on top – indoor and outside NO SMOKING good food and toxins do not mix. Also a minimum of petrol fumes *****

Scoozime has many smokers outside and it is blowing in (along with the heavy traffic fumes)

White Water does not offer outdoor tables for nonsmokers, smoke fills the lower part of the restaurant. Traffic fumes add the rest.
The Bower now also has NO SMOKING inside and outdoors. (Update, 240907)

The following areas are supposed to be smoke-free in Manly. I assume that 'alfresco' refers to the leased footpaths and I wonder why they lack no-smoking signs.

  • All harbour and ocean beaches
  • Within 10 metres of all Council owned children’s play areas
  • On and around all Council sporting grounds and playing fields
  • Within 10 metres of all Council properties
  • At all alfresco dining areas on Council land
  • At all Council events.
  • In any leases, licences etc on Council owned and managed land or property.
  • In Council owned parking stations.
  • Within bus shelters.
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