29 August 2007

On the Annexation of National Parks

A walk through Sydney Harbour National Park at Grotto Point Reserve. A beautiful place, bursting in Phebalium dentatum, Eriostemons, Caladenias and Lomandras at the moment. Black Cockatoos singing for more rain.

The new way of utilising National Parks as one's backyards revealed itself as the relative short walk progressed:

  • At dusk dog owners regularly bring their dogs there, off the leash of course. Today, one hunting dog was allowed to race freely though the bush at the time when wildlife starts its day. The other dog bathed at Castle Rock Beach and was then walked back through the National Park. I assume the 'user pays' principle is applied, if one does have to pay a small fine, maybe once a year, then it is like a cheap annual dog-pass to a beautiful dog loo.
  • Many of the beautiful old Angophora costata were vandalised by deep cuts from knives.
  • Somewhere, off the track 2 people were collecting many 'things' (under rocks?) and shoved them into plastic bags. Sad to see the N.P. so abused and native flora and fauna only being protected pro forma.

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