29 August 2007

Air pollution caused by cars in Manly - consequences

Most carers of small children in Manly seem to drive 4x4s. The town and the suburbs are pedestrian-hostile environments. The 'pedestrian zone' and bike paths are usually parked on.

A study found that 4x4s pollute the air we breathe more than other cars, in carparks and in our shared urban environment. “Pedestrian exposure to high levels of these air toxics within parking garages is of concern because of the proximity and intensity of the vehicle activity within the semi-closed environment...These pollutants (carbon monoxide (CO), particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pPAH) and several volatile organic compounds (VOCs)) include known and suspected carcinogens (Science Daily)

Another project by Dr.B.Ritz found “Women who lived in regions with high carbon monoxide or fine-particle levels — pollution caused mainly by vehicle traffic — were approximately 10 to 25 percent more likely to have a preterm baby than women who lived in less polluted areas."

Update 300907 Elsewhere they outsource safety and emission tests together with pink slips to private garages.Where there is a will...

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