10 August 2007

Dolphins passing by Manly Beach

A minimum of 10 dolphins swam in tight formation along Manly Beach today around 5pm. They seemed to come from Queenscliff, going straight to Shelly Beach breaching occasionally. Not many people seem to notice.


corinne said...

i wished i could i've been there, i would i've kept my eyes on them, but here in Bordeaux (FRANCE) i'm just dreaming, thou this morning at 7am i watched the ocean for few minutes from Montalivet beach, and it was quiet and geat as usual, well nothing exciting really, but, i don't have the time to do better.
So long.

Rita & collaborative authors AU said...

Yes it is the season of whales and dolphins passing by and all the coast is bursting in colour (pinks & yellow). But I am sure Montalivet beach is also very nice and I bet many Australians would like to be in Bordeaux
Is there a Montalivet blog?