02 August 2007

Manly suburbia, then and now - all in pink

This historical video of the 50s is soo(retro) Manly. As if nothing had changed in the 21 st Century, just the proportions. Still in the sprawl-and-mall age, happy families consuming (images) and producing more consumers. 'Stay-home-mums' and 'cafe mums' in a pink world of multiples. Theme-parks provide shopaholics with a break. Nature comes as 'pets', in poodle or pit bull variety. 'Footpath' is still a foreign word in a pedestrian-hostile asphalt & lawn land-scape. Kids are send out with bikes on non-existing bike-paths to challenge the three tonne 4x4s. Lawns and pink pansies command the 'infinite' water resources to frame the sub-urban 'property'.
Watch the insatiable appetite of an ever-growing population outstrip its finite resources.
This video is probably best viewed with the sound off and your local ambient sound on.

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