31 August 2007

Bits - birds, the beach, noise, energy & green stuff

  • Two Gannets cutting through the air at North Head and diving. Wonderful sight, many disappear as 'by-kill' of human fishing, or plastics (pdf)
  • Yes, they did find the algae Noctiluca scintillans at Manly and many other northern beaches. It loves the 'nutrient-rich water' and does glow neon blue at night.
  • At Yamba, the Pacific turned to giant froth (images), not a word in the MSM here.
  • Leaf-blower rage in Perth. A man lost his cool over another unleashing the noise and pollution terror onto the neighbourhood. The dirt was blown (as usual) with the help of petrol fumes from the walkway on to the road and into the stormwater drain as is customary all over Manly.
  • Interesting reading on the short life of ducks, fish and turf workers on large tracks of 'nutrient-rich' land devoted to 'sport'. Elsewhere they use fewer pesticides and imaginative methods (video)
  • In five years there will be no more energy in Sydney for giant 'air-conditioners'. Lights go off..
  • And there are dogs regularly on Manly beach in the middle of the day now.
Image: 1. The Pacific, 2. Drains to Manly Beach, Pacific

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