19 August 2007

Today's Fashion, Tomorrow's Weed Liability

Australian shoppers follow all sexy trendz around here, even if it is 'costing the Earth'. Whatever is the 'in-thing', usually originating top-down gets synchronised simulatenously over the 7,617,930 square kilometres (if possible). Mono-culture rejects its (Australian) environment. Despite the jingoism, and flag hoisting in their real estate, Australian animals and plants are not part of the 'proud' picture.

Toxic Thuja, noxious South African Agapanthus, Bromelias and Dracaena were planted in the last fad. The Dragon Tree from Madagascar usually grows too large and then is 'put out' close by the house with its developing elephant trunk.

The rage of the moment is plants from:

South Africa - This 'bird of paradise flower' pops up in gardens and council areas. Maybe they intend to keep Manly's dog population in check via this method?

Mexico – delivers this Agave (attenuata) spilling from most buildings in planters or generously lining house-fronts. The 3 m inflorescence will keep future weeding volunteers on their toes or the chemical industry in business.

The sexy mashup is 'to have and not care'.
Why not go all the way, as seen on the Corso: Agave plasticus. Spiky, to denote the privatised space, but no care is needed. Also makes exellent ash-trays.

Watch the new noxious weeds developing in this artifactual landscape. But then, why care - let future generations worry about that.

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