08 August 2007

Manly Wildlife & Community Activism

Wildlife: 4 whales passed North Head going north in the morning. Terns have arrived weeks ago, bringing the heat. Fruit Bats getting very vocal at night sharing what suburbia has to offer. Figbirds chirping in the White Cedars.

Lack of Habitat: Due to the extreme tree 'lopping' and tree elimination in this tidy town, birds are running out of nesting materials and are resorting to “old wiring, twine and fishing line”. A Magpie build a nest out of this garbage and then entangled itself in the fishing line. (Manly Daily)

Fighting toxic neighbourhoods: In a neighbouring suburb MonaVale, “Pittwater Council (on Sydney's Northern Beaches) has requested that local sterilized medical equipment supplier Unomedical Pty Ltd cease emitting the dangerous chemical ethylene oxide into the atmosphere because of risks to local residents which they have been exposed to for many years.“ People are concerned about the health effects and are meeting and informing on this site: Mona Vale GAS

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