09 August 2007

Lawn Transplants 'that cost the Earth' - Manly style

Transplanting turf on an o.g. basis that requires noisy and polluting watering via two stroke pumps and o.g. petrol intensive mowing is unsustainable.

Council workers, residents and visitors are exposed to the polluting out-fall of these ineffective maintenance machines.

As part of their 'duty of care' council should also disclose to the stakeholders what chemicals are contained in the imported turf transplants (at the beach and in the suburbs).Toddlers and adults roll on it.

The 'Ethical Standards' of Manly Council aim at:

Sustaining the environment - We will act with care and caution towards the environment, protecting the biosphere, its biodiversity, and using its resources sustainably for present and future generations.”

Although, they recommend native grasses, their practices set the example for a mono-culture of petrol and water intensive regime of foreign grasses (lawn), noise, air and soil pollution.

Chemicals in lawns and their health effects
National Toxic Network Australia

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