10 August 2005

Enhancing ambience at Fairy Bower

The Fairy Bower restaurant/café is one of the few places in Manly (Sydney?) where one can enjoy the Pacific directly and not have a noisy, stinking road separating the food and the ocean. The food and drinks are good, but the grumpy staff ensure the ordered goods get there cold or incomplete. Free expression of grumpiness ruins even the best of all natural environments. The ambience is ruined. This is a pity for a business that intends to be on the scene long-term and maintain a good reputation.

I suggest to eliminate the unpleasant interface between staff and customers, install Tablet PCs on the tables on which customers can compose their meals. On completion of the meal order, customers could pick up their (hot) dishes and optionally return the empty dishes. A personalised, competent service could be made available for a surcharge for digitally illiterate consumers or others desiring such a service. Such a business innovation would provide huge benefits for customers and the sustainablility of the business.
Update: 260807 The networked touch-screen sytem has been implemented in a restaurant now, saving personnel costs and keeping clientel in a good mood.

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