04 August 2005

Hello golfer!

The Northern Beaches are studded with golf courses. Headlands have been cleared, lagoons and water-ways provide handy elimination of undesirable substances. The club houses are manicured to not get those white shoes soiled. The consumers of these services do not ask themselves what the negative impact is on the environment or their future generations. The need for hundreds of large cars to park, the industrial and chemical treatment of the large area. The noise scape created by industrial machinery. The ecological and economic impacts on the direct neighbourhoods. Responsible people would ask their 'recreational club' for a sustainability accounts. Make an informed consumer choices that does not negatively impact on people, fauna and flora.

  • It takes some 2.5 billion gallons per day to irrigate the world's golf courses, the same amount could be used to provide 4.7 billion people with the UN minimum of fresh water required.
  • There are 18.0 pounds of pesticides used per acre annually in golf courses.
  • Agriculture uses 2.7 pounds of pesticide per acre.
data via Worldwatch

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