20 August 2005

Australian values

Values are the basis of all thought paradigms, reactions or actions towards nature or the other. Earl Mardle, a Sydney consultant summed them up about the Australian scene:

· Money is the measure of all things
· Possessions are the measure of your success
· Wasteful, unsustainable consumption is the greatest good
· Competition is the only way to achieve goodness in society, losers are inferior beings and its their own fault.
· Don't be a loser, whatever it takes
· Deny all evidence that you don't like or that doesn't fit your predetermined schema
· Physical prowess is more valued and rewarded than subtlety, intelligence, collaboration or sharing
· If at all possible, do not pay for anything.

This value repertoire was expressed in the context of the 'Travesty of Education'. There is more to read about the obstacles of such a value system and an inability to provide digital literacy.

Sustainability is impossible with such a value system.

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