19 August 2005

Usability of Manly

For years The Cove was the restaurant to have quality food in Manly. Arriving by ferry from some big apple, it provided the gateway to Manly as the predictable modern Greek seafood restaurant with wrap around harbour and National Park views. Occasionally ocean mammals could be sighted form the tables. Surrounded by competition now the stategy seems to be to lower quality: never innovate the menue, dated fish, smelly fries and hot milk for coffee. The word will be spread amongst local consumers.

Tried out the Barking Frog, right at the beach. Willing to order breakfast, the cup of hot milk let the mood go sour. No wonder the review is a '100 % awful.'

A walk along Manly beach promenade was studded with huge building sites. Usually the surf overpowers all, but today, the cutters and pneumatic drills were the dominant soundscape. But the pulverised cement dust did not prevent the guests of the cafes to tuck in on the open road.

These developments are not sustainable for a tourist resort or for the local community. Extractive industries are the paradigm for commercial ventures or the common mind.The old case of 'use up and move on!'

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