02 August 2005

Penguins or dogs?

Read in the local paper recently that a resident cemented out the breeding hole of Manly little penguins. Today it was reported, that 2 dogs killed 15 of these little penguins in Tasmania, right in front of all the tourists who came to see them. (SMH 2.8.05, p.4)
In the Harbour and at North Head speed boats have been racing (senselessly) endangering these diving birds. Dogs are allowed to go almost anywhere in Manly, either mostly unsupervised or free range on the beach at night or in possible penguin habitats.
Beyond rational decision-making, the residents seem to vote for dogs, rather than encouraging the diversity of unique animals in their 'back-gardens'. This is a consuming of the local habitat and degrading the value for any potential 'tourist-industry'. It is unsustainable, ecologically and economically.

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