31 August 2005

Planned density equals quality, sub-urban sprawl equals misery.

Designed density or ad hoc sprawl is an issue for most places these days. A discussion wrt Boston communities here came up with the following:

"...density is the secret to creating healthier urban environments - with safer streets, better schools, more vibrant cultural and commercial activity, more efficient public transportation, nicer parks, and a less degraded environment."

"It's very much about walkability. Goods and services have to be immediately available. You have to be able to walk to them."

"A five-minute walk in a neighborhood where you feel uncomfortable is too far

via Kottke


Pip Wilson said...

As a former Manly resident (now living near Woolgoolga, NSW) I'm very glad to find your inspiring blog and will look in again.

Rita said...

Hi Pip, we are very happy to get some positive feedback from you. Guess, Manly is not a real blog-spot. We enjoyed your site too... Keep blogging for a cause! Rita