04 September 2005

Bavarian Bier Cafe at Manly Wharf

Tried out the new Bavarian Bier Cafe at Manly Wharf. First knocked back by council for building a row of 'coffins' around the place, it now re-opened. The bare wood still is reminiscent of primitive campsite furniture, but smells strongly of chemicals. Going inside it resembled a very noisy pub with many desperate screaming babies. More mock-firewood near the kitchen and more rustic design. The kitchen set-up appears professional, but one look and one sees the stuff out of the big plastic bags into the troughs. To make it short we got food poisoning. But the majority of the clientel seem to have cast iron stomachs, washing the 'stuff' down with 'bier'. Primitive cooking, oodles of o.s. beer, but harbour prices. A loss to Manly, as it used to have a restaurant (Armstrongs) there with a nice atmosphere and quality food.

Update: (07102005) There seems to be a lot of traffic here searching for this place. As they do not have a web-presence, as so many other Manly businesses, no contact data can be gathered here. Who needs P.R. anyway?

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