11 September 2005

Native conifers or expensive, toxic weeds?

Despite the down-turn of the horticultural industry the push factor for atrocious weeds continues. The latest seems to be Thuja in all varieties as hedges or feature plants. Most Thuja are so poisonous, that the mere touch causes irritation. Here we go with the new Australian weed, mass planted as hedges, in containers everywhere. The long term costs are already on the cards.

The most beautiful native conifers grow right here in Sydney. Callitris rhomboidea (Port Jackson Cypress) and many others are suitable for the local conditions and provide food and shelter for endemic fauna.

"Callitris species have outstanding qualities which place them far above the exotic Cupressus . . . whether for utility or for ornament there is a Native Cypress suitable for almost every purpose. They are of very great beauty, fast growing, remarkably free from disease, very hardy and mostly very drought and cold resistant." William de Beuzeville

More on Native Australian Cypress Pines (Callitris) and Port Jackson pine

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