28 September 2005

'Why do people like the sound of cars more than koels?'

The Koels (Eudynamys scolopacea) are back in their breeding place. After the long journey from New Guinea, the strong "coo-ee" or "ko-el" can be heard at night especially. Up to 46 cm they are a stately and beautiful bird. They will put their eggs into the nest of the local birds. (Red Wattlebird, Figbirds etc).
The depicted image is on exhibition at the Manly Library at the moment. Wonderful to see, that kids are raised with an awaress of their local habitat. Still switched on to ask questions like: "Why do people like the sound of cars more than koels? " Meanwhile adults complain about the sounds of frogs and birds, but not traffic, 'air-conditioners', building noises etc etc
I did not get the name of the budding artist, but promise I'll look it up next time....
Update: The name of the artist of the above picture is: Helena Todd. She is 10 years old. Also forgot to mention that there are many more nice pictures in the 'Art and Nature' Competition.

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