11 September 2005

10 % Australian

Browsing though 'Botanic Gardens of Australia: A Guide to 80 Gardens' it appeares that most of the gardens are more than 90 % exotic. Especially in Victoria they seem to keep to the 90 % foreign ratio in plants. The images in the book recall installations of European splendour or Asian mystic. Yes, there are some very rare '100 % Australian plants' gardens, but they are an insignificant proportion.

  • Why this dislike of Australian plants?
  • Why are the Australian plants, the landscape so undesirable?
  • Why is the easy, low resource-input and sustainably designed land not 'beautiful'?
  • Why does it have to have the flair of 'being somewhere else'?
  • Why pink?
Promoting Australia's flora
Sydney land-design

Botanic Gardens of Australia: A Guide to 80 Gardens, Lockwood, Leslie, Wilson, Jan & Fagg, Murray,
Sydney New Holland Publishers 2001 (Note: This is not a book review!)

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