23 September 2005

Freshwater dining

There are still good food experiences possible in this area: Pilu at Freshwater is such an example. The restored 'beach hut' offers various environments. The Sardinian food is fresh and delicious. The crispy Sardinian bread and Pecorino Sardo compliments the dry white wine (2003 Argiolas Costamolino DOC) perfectly. The fresh shellfish zuppa was rich, the wild barramundi cooked just right.(Menu).The staff were competent at creating a relaxed atmosphere. Contemporary music added to the sensation.
Only the garden, towards the car park could have had a better job done on it. Blocking the view, maybe some advanced, local native plants?
Altogether an enjoyable experience.

(Note: we did not get a free meal for this review! and yes it is not cheap!)

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