24 September 2005

Sydney without bandicoots

Watching the usual extinction, but this time the well documented, researched, career paths forged on it. But the losers are non-homo sapiens (at first). The creature of the moment is the BANDICOOT. While listed on the threatened species list for a while now, it is still mauled by dogs & cats, run over by cars and now the final bullet: 112 housing developments on its habitat. In THE BANDICOOT VS. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH the matter can be followed (from Canada!) in detail. At first (1788) there were many species of bandicoots everywhere. Now the Long-nosed Bandicoot,(Perameles nasuta) population at Nord Head is the LAST one in the Sydney region.
The 'country' of St Patrick's Estate was 'gifted' to the catholic church, official history with them only starts in 1935. Today the grounds are abuzz with building sites, the roads full of mining gear. The noise can be heard all over Manly. Here we go: the bush was/is cleared, cemented and very dear housing plastered all over the headland.This is the end of Bandicoots' habitat. The survivors, pushed to the edges are probably mangled by dogs&cats of the neighbouring McMansions.

What will you tell your kids, how the last bandi disappeard from Manly/Sydney?
No shortage of data, signs, pamphlets, speeches, workshops etc
If the real estate is fine, who gives a 'hoot'
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