19 September 2005

Gorgeous Manly

Choppy ocean today, thunderbolts smelling strongly. Gulls with fishing hooks and nylon hanging out of their mouths. Council's contractors cutting all callistemon in full red flowers to the ground. So much for ringtail, bird food/habitat. To create a 'truck friendly environment' so they say. Lady emptying pack of poodles onto Shelly Beach Headland. When asked to pick up the turds from the freshly weeded bush she snubbed: "But eye live in Bower St., I always...Where do you live dear?" Annexation of bush&beach to mey property?A poodle loo? The large Cunningham skink group (Egenia cunninghami) living under a large sandstone rock up on the headland for probably thousands of years is gone. Groups were sitting on top of each other, touching, giving handsignals. Now there is a MacMansion there, hating the bush, sprouting Bromelias and other foreign horticultural instant fixes. Ladies walk past and go: "Gorgeous"!

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