27 September 2005

Cocktails & Food trends

Cocktails today in cudabar, stylish lounge, cool music. Bit tucked away, but a nice atmosphere, ocean views and long lasting drinks. An unusual cosmopolitan bar for Manly. The other part is barracuda, a seafood restaurant, smells ok, will test it soon.

Liked these remarks on restaurant trends. Guess they are true for Sydney too.(Via Kottke)
(Update: 23.12.05, yeah, cudabar is still cool, but the food is not for slow food fans.)

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Joe MacDonald said...

Dinner Saturday night at the beautiful 'barracuda restaurant'. The ambience, food and service were sensational. The prices were a bonus as well (all mains under $30). Tried the entree of �House Cured Ocean Trout, avocado chilli salsa, mango chutney, cr�me fra�che�, main of �Hoof and claw�, beef fillet wrapped in prosciutto, mud crab beignets and parisienne potatoes, baby mache� and dessert of 'Sticky Date Pudding served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream', all of which were to die for. Went for cocktails afterwards in their funky cocktail lounge called 'cudabar'. With a party going on and cool music playing in the background, again, service was exemplary and the talented bartenders mixed drinks that were out of this world. Try the 'Bittersweet' or the 'Apple and Ginger Julep'. Met barracuda-owner Bill J as well. Very friendly bloke and happy to accommodate. Great night! Two thumbs up!