05 August 2005

Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are not only a nuisance to neighbours, eliminating the peace and quite and filling the air with unpleasant-smelling and unhealthy gases. They are also a disaster for the environment.

One 2-stroke mower pumps out as much carbon-dioxide in an hour as 200 cars. A four-stroke mower isn't quite so bad in that respect, but adds considerably to ground level ozone causing summer smog.

Electric mowers are an alternative that may contribute to peace and quiet and have less impact on the atmosphere. Battery mowers are a more convenient variant without cables.

The best option of all is not to have a lawn. Growing other plants which do not need cutting is more pleasant to look at and creates a sustainable green space for enjoyment without noise. The most suitable plants are those endemic to the local area which will also support the local wildlife.

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