26 October 2005

Logging Manly

On average a large tree is disappearing per week in the streets of 'progress'. 'The million-dollar view', 'the messy leaves in the pool' are all declarations of good intentions. And then, there are always some left 'over there' as a scenic filler. Initially of course 'the green' sub-urbs were 'attractive'. Was it the price-tag or the ambience? Once arrived the value-conversion machinery is at work 24/7. Chainsaws and mulcher-machinery are part of the daily noise pollution, industrialising sub-urban environments.

The official, that is out-sourced, logging operations on 'nature strips' and other common land appears to be deregulated.

Residents seem indifferent to their environment disappearing. People that enquire with authorities about 'missing trees' are made to feel a 'real hassle'. Whitewashes and Greenwashes ensure business as usual.

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