09 October 2005

Dobroyd Head

Dobroyd Head today, past the McMansions (smashed into the bush, Olympic pools, then sold on completion). The fire (as reported before) was there primarily to secure the real estate. The official rhetoric argues, that it is for flora regeneration. Mysterious are the very large clearings and very wide trail-blazed paths running to (new?) lookouts. Previously the 'bush' had been 'impenetrable' at these sites. I remember times when the queer community was driven out of the area on the grounds that 'they make paths in the bushes everywhere and take their clothes off..' Now that the area is securely annexed by families, the access trails get larger and more plentiful, the bush has to be burnt down more often and in the end it ends up as just another dog loo.

Despite it all:
Black Cockatoos circling the blackened areas, calling the rain!
Melaleuca nodosa (Ball Honeymyrtle) in full 'ball', small communities, dense.
Actinotus helianthi (Flannel Flowers) smelling nicely out of their wooly cushions.
Olearia Tomentosa (Heath Daisy?) changing from blue to white.
Eriostemon Australasius (Pink Wax Flower)

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