08 October 2005

Death machines o.g.

Ploughed through the pulp news of the old media (SMH). Nearly every second whole page car ads and then a 2 x 2 cm article: a 3 year-old-boy was killed by a 4WD. Elsewhere the modified 'monster truck' was described by a road safety officer as a 'death machine'. Now they quibble how much 'modification' is ok, not whether all 4 WDs are much higher than normal cars, blocking the view of all pedestrians, cyclists and other car drivers.
Meanwhile, the 2x2cm notices will continue, the poles along the roads are getting denser and denser floral arrangements. (This needs a Google map hack!)

So in the future if I come across these road kills, I'll remember the killed and maimed here:

  • 3 year old human being died from actions of a 4 WD driver, Oct. 2005
  • 20-month-old girl is in a critical condition after being run over by the 4WD driven by her father, Oct. 2005 (ABC News Online)

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