28 October 2005

Art Gallery of NSW

First floor :
gold framed erosion & quarries, or 'uncivilised' lands: swamps, beaches etc. Grim-looking owners, idle ladies with lap dogs and heroes. 'The creek' by Arthur Streeton summed up land management.

Tucked away:
the 'Contemporary Projects Space' with Train No 1 by Daniel Crook. A relief from old media!

At 'lower level':
the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander exhibits. Wonderful works, but they seem muted in this cellar, out of place!

On location & placing:
Signs about artists:

'Australia born'
'S. Nolan, Melb., England, London'
'J. Smart, Adelaide born, settled Italy, lives Tuscany'
Does one have to emigrate to be creative?

Art Gallery of NSW

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