15 October 2005

Fauna at night

A new voice in the night pulled me out of the dream-world and alerted all the mammalian nerve cells. Frogmouths (Podargus) are often sounding in the night, if the rodent toxins did not get them. This was the Powerful Owl, (Ninox strenua) the largest owl in Australia, with an appetite for a Ringtail possum a day. Here is a sound-sample. There is also more info here on this useful owl site.The sound-gallery is worth a listen.
Meanwhile it is good to know that the native Water-rat is doing well at Manly's foreshore. This handy 'poo-guide' might help in identifying other creatures. But if it is on Manly walkway, then it is most likely from the animals most favoured by the local residents.

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