07 October 2005

Bag snatching with sub-urban combat vehicle

Bag snatching gets a new meaning. A 4WD rammed the door of an inner city shop and grabbed handbags. The ram raid car is infamous as a 'getaway car'. (SMH)

While the US military is working on the 'killer car'. Australians are pondering if it is worth getting fuel efficient vehicles. (SMH)

More on 'sub-urban combat vehicles'
Update 081005: re fuel efficient vehicles. Just back from the beach and realised, why small fuel efficient cars are not on here:
where will the

  • hunting dogs & poodles sit?
  • the golf clubs?
  • the surfboards?
  • the double/triple decker prams?
  • the many bulging plastic bags?
  • the throw-away tricycles?
  • the get-fit beach-parade alu-bike?
  • etc.

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