31 July 2005

What water shortage?

According to the SMH (30.07.05 p 20) French environmentalists are accusing golf clubs and private swimming pool owners of wasting water. This is no problem in the lucky country. Private lap pools are a common feature in houses specifically near the ocean and public pools. Both authorities and real estate consumers vote for swimming in private enclosures. Keeping endless lawns green to push balls about also requires huge amounts of water. Sydney Water can’t be serious if this form of water privatisation is encouraged. Also turning a blind eye to the many residents washing their cars in restricted times.
We won’t get into the ‘grey water’ that leaves the pools, golf courses, driveways and industry etc. The Manly Lagoon is grey-silver. This is an unsustainable, irresponsible way of mining a resource and privatising it. But the toxic sludge is shared amongst all species.

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