09 July 2005

Dog epidemic or 'the lap of luxury'

The Manly walkway is full of them, mostly white fluffy yappers. Held in the arms,in handbags, on leashes or just free range. Sometimes couples each have their own, or even three between them. In cafes the poodles get a little Persian rug under their bum. The bubblers are very handy for bum wiping - 'you know, the new carpet!' Where are the sociologists looking into these barbie-dogs and neglected family pets?

The freshly tiled path is studded with turds. Jogging delight! At night packs of mostly larger dogs are brought on to the beach by their owners. A birthright to take one's 'best friend' out into 'nature'. Next morning the bathers are rolling in it.The night is beyond any regulatory restrictions: freedom - real luxury!

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