19 July 2005


The lorikeets arrive at Manly beach just before sunset. They spend the night there in the Norfolk pines which grow along the length of the beach. You can hear their performance in this MP3 recording.
At first you can hear the waves of the surf with the first birds arriving. Rapidly the birds get louder as they fill the trees. Their sounds agitate the others to ever louder and more intense communication. They reach a crescendo after about 4 minutes. Then they quieten down for the night until dawn.
Not all trees are preferred by the lorikeets. It is not clear what their criteria are, but as they fly from tree to tree they accumulate in the trees with the most lorikeet-friendly qualities. This is what you can hear.
This MP3 is about 1.5 Mb and lasts for about 5 minutes. Enjoy the development of the sound as if you were at Manly Beach at sunset.
Listen to lorikeets

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